SupConverter 1.5.5

SupConverter is a flexible, reliable and friendly tool created to help you easily convert SRT, ASS/SSA, SST, BDN subtitles to Blu-ray PES, SUP and BDN format with excellent effects. It supports many advanced features for text subtitle, like vertical text, right-to-left read order, extra line space, outline, shadow. It also provides four type brush: solid, hatch, linear gradient and texure. For image subtitles, you can convert them to PES, SUP or BDN with different video size directly. You can easily add fade effects in just one click and need not use any other tools. You can also insert images like logo as subtitle at any line. With PES or BDN output, the third-party authoring tools like Scenarist can import it directly.

Please note, Free edition only supports SRT import and only builds the first 30 lines. SUPread maybe has preview problem for this advanced sup, it's just a small bug.

Compare Editions:

FE Express Pro PES
SRT input Yes Yes Yes Yes
ASS/SSA(no effects) input Yes Yes Yes Yes
SST/BDN input Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fade effects Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set position for each line Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set position for single line subtitle Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inline font tag: <i> <u> <b> <s> Yes Yes Yes Yes
BDN output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sup output Yes Yes Yes Yes
PES output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $0 $59 $199 $199
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Core Functions:

  • Convert SRT to PES/SUP/BDN.
  • Convert ASS/SSA to PES/SUP/BDN without original effects.
  • Convert SST to PES/SUP/BDN.
  • Convert BDN to PES/SUP/BDN.
  • Different video size output.
  • Resize source image automatically.
  • Reset source image subtitle position.
  • Support fade effects(fade-in & fade-out).
  • Insert images as subtitle.
  • Edit line in-time & out-time.
  • Set position for each line.
  • Set different overall position for single line subtitle.

Main Features:

  • Inline font tag: <i> <u> <b> <s>.
  • Outline and shadow.
  • Advanced brush.
  • Vertical text and right-to-left read order.
  • Extra line spaces.
  • Realtime preveiw.
  • Fast speed and very easy to use.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Pentium II 500 MHz
  • 512 MB of RAM

Screen Shots:


  • As to ASS/SSA subtitle, SupConverter does not support its orginal effects. If you want to keep the effects, please use other tools like easySup.
  • Maybe you will see some unrecognizable character for some subtiltes like Chinese, please save them in UTF-8 or unicode format.

News and update:

1.5.5 released!
- New: Pro and PES edition support inline font tag: <i> <u> <b> <s>.
- Fixed: Display bug of vertical text with left to right direction.

1.5.4 released!
- New: Added new video formats as requested.
- Fixed: Bug of contiguous subtitles with fade effects.

1.5.2 released!
- New: Introduce new resolution 1440x1080.
- New: Add aspect ratio for NTSC and PAL.
- Fixed: Preview problem caused by new added images.

1.5.0 released!
- New: Set position for each line.
- New: Set overall single-line position.
- New: Set BDN language.
- New: Image background.

1.4.4 released!
- New: Automatically split continuous lines for buffer overflow.

1.4.3 released!
- New: PES edition is out, you can export PES file direclty.
- New: Insert images in any line.

1.4.2 released!
- Fixed: Location problem caused by some characters.
- Fixed: Line alignment doesn't work.

1.4.1 released!
- Fixed: BDN export on Windows XP.

1.4.0 released!
- New: Edit time code.
- New: Add image as subtilte.
- New: Change image subtitle's position.
- New: Remove unwanted lines.
- New: Set view's background color.

1.3.1 released!
- Fixed: Crash for some image texture brush.

1.3.0 released!
- New: Support fade effects(fade-in & fade-out), add it in just one click.

1.2.7 released!
- Fixed: Use small window to locate BDN, this will greatly increase Scenarist's import speed.
- Fixed: Remove BDN's rough edge for advanced brush.