BDSharp 1.1.0

BDSharp is aimed at the post facility and independent producers who want an easy and powerful professional Blu-ray authoring tool for compilation of Blu-ray movie discs with interactive content. It is fully compliant with all three major video codecs, MPEG-2, H.264(MPEG-4 AVC), VC-1, all audio codecs, LPCM, AC3, MLP(TrueHD), DTS, DTS-HD and subtitles in sup format. BDSharp also supports direct import of Photoshop PSD, Scenarist Designer file and interactive graphics file (*.ies) for producing menus. Other advanced features that BDSharp supports include smart button tracking, radio and check button, batch add (for making multi-episode discs), seamless playlist, multi-version, multi-logo, multi-film, multi-language menu, three playist type(playall, separate, both), loop playback, still time, and much more ...

BDSharp replaces the complexity of the BD specification with simple, easy to understand nomenclature: logo, film, episode, trailer, button type. It has been designed to automate most of the creation workflow that saves your valuable time and increases title throughput. All BD objects, commands, links are created automatically. Forget PSR/GPR, navigation commands, movie objects, script language and other obscure terminology, only focus what you should do! Enjoy BDSharp to build your BD titles!

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BDFix 1.8.2

BDFix - a great reauthoring tool which can directly edit unencrypted BD titles (HDMV or BD-J) as you like. User can add, remove or replace video/audio/subtitle track of any BD titles created with any authoring application directly. With just a few clicks, you can build your own version of title. Unique mpls mode especially helps you reauthor the titles with multi-version or multi-segments easily. You only need prepare one whole stream for each playlist track and needn't cut them into several segments manualy. Batch-add lets you import multiple streams at one time and attach them to corresponding m2ts segment automatically. You can also edit in-time and out-time of m2ts directly and needn't use any other NLE and authoring tools.

BDFix differs significantly from conventional pattern which needs several tools and steps like demux, import, remux. it's an all-in-one solution. All you care about is what you want to fix. It will build a new BDMV folder automatically. You needn't update any binary files yourself. BDFix will keep all the original features such as menu and PIP, multi-angle, multi-version. Usually, It only takes 10 - 20 minitues to reauthor a BD-25 title.

Free Express LE Pro
Keep menu and PiP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support HDMV/BD-J mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
MPLS mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan track size Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compute disc size, free space Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit m2ts in-time/out-time *1 Yes Yes Yes
Demux track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replace main or PiP video track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add/replace audio track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add/replace subtitle track *2 Yes Yes Yes
Remove unwanted m2ts No Yes Yes Yes
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IGFix 1.0.0

IGFix is an easy and straightforward Blu-ray menu reauthoring tool. It enables you to update menu images in m2ts file with a few mouse clicks.

IGFix allows you to rip all graphics from IG menu (multiplexed or non-multiplexed). After you edit the graphics with your favorite tool like Photoshop, IGFix can import the new images and multiplex them into m2ts automatically. All the original features in the title will be kept of course.

IGFix does not support BD-J menus as you can edit them directly.

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OwnMenu 1.1.0

OwnMenu is the first versatile and powerful software which can help you insert your own menu, logo, episodes into blu-ray titles seamlessly just in a few minites. With PSD file import, you are free to customize and personalize your own Blu-ray menu. Beyond this, you can add your logo video as the first playback, insert new episodes, play the main movie direclty without annoying warnings or advertisements. The original version is still keeped and you can switch to playback it from top menu. OwnMenu is very easy to use and user doesn't need write any navigation commands manually. All objects, elements, links and commands are completed automatically. Start to DIY and enjoy your own version of Blu-ray movies from today!

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SupConverter 1.5.5

SupConverter is a flexible, reliable and friendly tool created to help you easily convert SRT, ASS/SSA, SST, BDN subtitles to Blu-ray PES, SUP and BDN format with excellent effects. It supports many advanced features for text subtitle, like vertical text, right-to-left read order, extra line space, outline, shadow. It also provides four type brush: solid, hatch, linear gradient and texure. For image subtitles, you can convert them to PES, SUP or BDN with different video size directly. You can easily add fade effects in just one click and need not use any other tools. You can also insert images like logo as subtitle at any line. With PES or BDN output, the third-party authoring tools like Scenarist can import it directly.

FE Express Pro PES
SRT input Yes Yes Yes Yes
ASS/SSA(no effects) input Yes Yes Yes Yes
SST/BDN input Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fade effects Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set position for each line Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set single-line position Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inline font tag: <i> <u> <b> <s> Yes Yes Yes Yes
BDN output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sup output Yes Yes Yes Yes
PES output Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price $0 $59 $199 $199
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DualSup 1.4.4

DualSup is a unique professional Blu-Ray subtitle tool which designed to convert a single subtitle from SRT, ASS/SSA, SST, BDN to PES, SUP or BDN format and to transfer two arbitrary subtitles with different time line to a single subtitle. For example, you can display two language subtitles like English and Chinese at the same time. Also you can show dialogue and director review subtitle simultaneously. With PES or BDN output, the third-party authoring tools like Scenarist can import it directly.

SRT input Yes Yes Yes
ASS/SSA(no effects) input Yes Yes Yes
SST/BDN input Yes Yes Yes
BDN output Yes Yes Yes
Sup output Yes Yes Yes
PES output Yes Yes Yes
Price $0 $299 $299
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