BDFix 1.8.2

BDFix - a great reauthoring tool which can directly edit unencrypted BD titles (HDMV or BD-J) as you like. User can add, remove or replace video/audio/subtitle track of any BD titles created with any authoring application directly. With just a few clicks, you can build your own version of title. Unique mpls mode especially helps you reauthor the titles with multi-version or multi-segments easily. You only need prepare one whole stream for each playlist track and needn't cut them into several segments manualy. Batch-add lets you import multiple streams at one time and attach them to corresponding m2ts segment automatically. You can also edit in-time and out-time of m2ts directly and needn't use any other NLE and authoring tools.

BDFix differs significantly from conventional pattern which needs several tools and steps like demux, import, remux. it's an all-in-one solution. All you care about is what you want to fix. It will build a new BDMV folder automatically. You needn't update any binary files yourself. BDFix will keep all the original features such as menu and PIP. Usually, It only takes 10 - 20 minitues to reauthor a BD-25 title.

Important: BDFix is not intended for use with Blu-ray Disc titles for which you have not obtained the proper authorization. It cannot break cryptoprotection or any other type of copy protection. BDFix does not violate any intellectual property rights, as it can only be used with Blu-ray Discs that do not contain copy protection.

Compare Editions:

Free Express LE Pro
Keep menu and PiP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support HDMV/BD-J mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
MPLS mode Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan track size Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compute disc size, free space Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit m2ts in-time/out-time *1 Yes Yes Yes
Demux track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replace main or PiP video track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add/replace audio track Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add/replace subtitle track *2 Yes Yes Yes
Remove unwanted m2ts No Yes Yes Yes
Price $0 $139 $199 $399
Download/Purchase Download Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
  • *1 The maximal edit duration is 2 mintues. Only edit 1 m2ts every build. Disable out-time edit.
  • *2 Only build 3 mintues subtitle.

Core Functions:

  • Edit m2ts in-time and out-time.
  • Replace primary video track.
  • Replace PiP video track.
  • Add, remove, replace primary audio track.
  • Add, remove, replace primary subtitle track.
  • Replace secondary audio/subtitle track.
  • Clear track and keep it empty.
  • Adjust track order.
  • Demux track and extract assets from M2ts or Mpls.
  • Scan track size and compute free space for BD25 and BD50.

Key Features:

  • Excellent playback compatibility.
  • Compatible with the output of any authoring system.
  • Support HDMV and BD-J mode.
  • Support M2TS and unique MPLS mode.
  • Support PiP feature.
  • Use the same time axis as original m2ts.
  • Preveiw m2ts file if possible.
  • Keep all features and interactivty.
  • Powerful and very easy to use.

Support media type:

  • Video format: MPEG-2, H.264(MPEG-4 AVC), VC-1
  • Audio format: LPCM, AC3, MLP(TrueHD), DTS, DTS-HD
  • Subtitle format: SUP(PGS)

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Core 2 Quad or above
  • 2 GB RAM or above
  • GeForce 7600 GT or above
  • 80 GB of free hard drive space

Operation Steps:

  • Open the source BDMV folder to fix, see screen shot 1.
  • Add new tracks if necessary. There are m2ts mode and mpls mode. Mpls mode is used when one mpls is constructed by many segments. You only need prepare a whole stream for all segments. BDFix will cut the segments automatically. See screen shot 2 and 3. For m2ts mode, now a new way called BatchAdd has added. You needn't open the m2ts view one by one. please refer to the following tips.
  • Delete unwanted tracks. Please note, to delete a track in m2ts view, the track will be removed really from the m2ts. so all the related mplses will remove it automatically. If you only want to delete it from a mpls, please uncheck the track in the mpls view. For multi-segments mpls, you can really delete a track of all related m2tses by right-click the track in the mpls view, it will popup a menu which has a choice. You need't delete the track in m2ts one by one. See screen shot 4 and 5.
  • Arrange the track order. In most cases, you only need adjust the order in mpls view. Order in m2ts view decides the track PID value in m2ts file. It has nothing to do with playback. so it is useless for common user. See screen shot 6.
  • Then you can build the new output.

Screen Shots:


  • Switch page between m2ts view and mpls view. In m2ts view, click Mpls list Tab, double-click the item of related mpls, you will go to the selected mpls's view directly. Likewise, you can switch to PlayItems page in mpls view, then double-click playitem to go to the corresponding m2ts's view directly.
  • There are several ways to add tracks. The most convenient method is to use BatchAdd, if the new tracks are named for m2ts's name. For example, 121_xxxx.264, 0121_xxx.sup,00121_xxx_xxx.ac3, will be added to 00121.m2ts. You can add multiple tracks for multiple m2ts at one time. There is no difference for "121", "0121", "00121", "000121". The part before the first "_" will be treated as m2ts ID.
  • You can name audio and subtitle stream with a language suffix "_xxx", When added, xxx will be recognised as language code automactically. For example, transformers_zho.sup will be added as chinese track.
  • Please note the difference between track deleting and clearing. Clearing will delete all contents of the track but the track is still kept. Deleting will not keep the track.
  • When you want to clear all tracks of one m2ts, you only need clear the first track (the primary video track).
  • About track order, it's unnecessary to care about the order of different track type.
  • As Dolby True-HD (MLP) audio has 2 sub-streams (*.ac3, *.mlp), please only import *.mlp. If you import *.ac3, it will only add the ac3 track.
  • BD50 to BD25: you have 2 methods to complete this. One is to replace video track with small size. The other way is to split BD50 into two BD25 discs with edit functions.

News and update:

1.8.2 released!
- New: Remove unwanted m2ts.

1.8.1 released!
- New: Build dialog with more process information.
- Fixed: Ignore to copy files under CERTIFICATE folder in the last version.

1.8.0 released!
- New: Improved track deleting/Re-Adding for mpls mode.
- Fixed: Wrong mpls track order for mpls mode in some cases.
- Fixed: Wrong Sup time code when demuxing in mpls mode.
- Fixed: Fail to import some 264 video files.
- Fixed: Sony S470 playback problem.
- Fixed: Original subtitle is always on.
- Some minor changes and improvements.

1.7.3 released!
- New: Track clearing function to remove unwanted tracks or m2ts easily.
- Fixed: Not responding when parsing video file 99% on some Windows.
- Fixed: Wrong ATC delta value.
- Changed: List the most common languages first.

1.7.0 released!
- Fixed: Wrong CPI info for seamless multi-segments.

1.6.9 released!
- Fixed: Repeat video PID in STN when replace video track directly.

1.6.8 released!
- Fixed: Multiple tracks added in m2ts when replace video track for mpls mode.
- New: Add consistency check between subtitle and video tracks.

1.6.7 released!
- Fixed: Crash when use mpls mode to replace tracks for multiple version.

1.6.6 released!
- Fixed: New track is not added in STN for replace mode.
- Fixed: Wrong CPI flag for video replacement.
- Fixed: Wrong CRC value.
- Changed: Disable m2ts track order.
- Some minor changes and improvements.

1.6.2 released!
- New: Add/replace subtitle track in FE.
- New: Check framerate consistency between video and subtitle.
- Changed: Refine track replace for mpls mode.
- Fixed: Update some prompt message.
- Some minor changes and improvements.

1.6.0 released!
- New: Edit in-time and out-time of m2ts directly.
- New: Reset invalid playlist mark.
- New: Remove useless PIP information after edit.
- Changed: Refine track add for mpls mode.
- Changed: Keep the new track added by other mpls by default.
- GUI improvement.

1.4.1 released!
- Fixed: Only one mpls was copyed when building on some windows.

1.4.0 released!
- New: Display duration, screen size, frame rate for new added subtitle.
- New: Introduce a more accurate method to split audio for Mpls mode.
- New: Scan track size.
- New: Compute total disc size, free space for BD25 and BD50.
- Fixed: Wrong message: "Wrong AU start time".
- Fixed: Seconaray and PiP track derangement in some cases.
- Fixed: Flicker when turn page in mpls and m2ts view.

1.3.3 released!
- New: Distinguish original mpls hidden track with different color.
- Fixed: Mpls tracks from subpath are unchecked when loading.

1.3.2 released!
- New: Function to add empty audio and subtitle track for seamless playback.
- Fixed: Crashed when building mpls caused by original hidden tracks.

1.3.1 released!
- Fixed: Some m2ts tracks are canceled when loading.

1.3.0 released!
- New: Direct replace function, you can replace a track with only one click.
- New: A choice to hide new added track in mpls, so you can have different version.
- New: Open all hidden tracks in mpls of original titles.

1.2.9 released!
- New: Batch Add, automaticaly add tracks to the corresponding m2ts according to the filename.
- New: Select/Deselect All tracks.
- Fixed: Refined seamless info for multi-segments.

1.2.8 released!
- New: SubPath, PlaylistMark page added.
- Fixed: Some m2ts file has wrong priority flag for DTS-HD.

1.2.7 released!
- New: Replace PiP video track.
- Fixed: Lose Multi-angle info.
- Fixed: Crash caused by mpls which has different track count for each playitem.